Papier mache for beginners

Create a colourful fat lady in papier mache

I teach you how to make a colourful fat lady in papier mache in the style of Franco American artist, Niki de Saint Phalle.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Papier Mache Fat Lady Project

    • Introduction

    • Materials needed

    • Making the stand

    • Completing the stand

    • Printing the template

    • Making cardboard template

    • Adding the template to the stand

    • Making the body parts

    • Adding limbs to armature

    • Adding head

    • Creating the body

    • Filling the back

    • More back filling

    • Bending left leg back

    • Adding the bust

    • Adding the stomach

    • Adding the buttocks

    • Adding paper strips

    • More paper strips

    • Leave to dry

    • Bulking out thighs

    • Filling holes

    • Adding paper strips with a brush

    • Finish paper strips and allow to dry

    • Making paper clay

    • Adding paper clay

    • More paper clay

    • Sanding

    • Undercoating

    • Painting with sponge

    • Sketching in the overall outline

    • Painting the head and limbs

    • Sketching in the costume details

    • Painting the costume

    • Second coat of paint

    • Varnishing

    • More Varnish

    • Finished Sculpture


Rachael Fillatre

Papier mache artist and author of books on papier mache .